Training and Occupational Therapy

The inmates go through a daily disciplined routine rising at 4.00am. After the morning chores which includes bath, they are ready for physical exercise. This enables their stiff limbs to become agile and flexible. After taking advantage of the morning freshness, they spend time in prayer and meditation. The physical exercise and prayer session help to relax their mind considerably. The warm breakfast which follows immediately, supplies energy for the different tasks each one has to undertake till noon. Some work in the kitchen garden, others in the flower garden, some look after the gas plant, others go to wash the dishes. A few others go to all the buildings cleaning every room and the compound. A few, who are able, get engaged in the soap making unit while a few others learn tailoring and help in repairing the dresses. The soap making unit can generate some income for the institution as well as it will be useful for the inmates themselves if they return home.

Psychiatric Counselling

We are availing the services of a full time trained psychiatric Social worker to give psychotherapies to the patients to come out of depression and enable them to accept their present situation as an unavoidable reality and lead a successful normal life.Different Psychotherapies include , behavior therapy, Cognitive therapy, supportive therapy, group therapy, interpersonal therapy etc. Prayer therapy is another method used to calm their nerves. They find peace and joy through prayer and practice of silence.30 minutes Physical Exercise and Meditation in the morning helps to relax their bodily muscles and joints.

Clinic and healing process

For any type of ailment related to mental illness of high intensity, the patients are rushed to the mental hospital at Peroorkada in Trivandrum. We do receive the services of local hospitals in Punalur for any emergency and physical illness. The institution maintains a clinic, an infirmary and pharmacy with all the necessary medications. We have two fully trained nurses for 24 hours service. Dr.Rajan Babu of Punalur Jayabharatam Mental Health Centre, and Dr. Tresa Joseph , Dr Joseph Francis (Kunnicode) Dr K.S.P Baht psychiatrist (kottarakkara), Dr Dalin visit us and conduct regular medical check up. We obtained services of Government Homeo Hospital, Punalur, by the monthly visit of the doctors.

Recreational Facilities

Watching television, indoor and out door games further helps to relax their tense minds. Talents have been identified and the training is on. We do hope that this humble effort will keep a few of the inmates occupied and in future we expect this programme to generate some funds if invited outside.

A quiet recent innovative step is forming a band troupe.


The institution has a library and reading room for those inmates who are able to read. Some ofthem are well educated but unable to use their educationdue to mental illness.

Field work Training

Snehatheeram became a platform for psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nurses and others to interact and practice what they had learned.

Group Sessions

Discussions and debates on different topics after reading the news papers help the inmates to open up and speak out their opinions. Special awareness classes on personal hygiene, positive mental health, first aid and stress management are given on a regular basis. Occasionally the inmates are taken out for picnic to expose them to the outside world.

Prayer therapy

Prayer therapyis another method used to calm their nerves. They find peace and joy through prayer and practice of silence. Physical Exercise, Yoga and Meditation in the morning help to relax their mind and body .

Cultural Programmes

There are many from among the inmates who are talented in dancing, singing, mono act etc. The anniversary celebrations, Independence Day celebratins, Onam, Christmas, Id and other festivities offer them ample opportunities during the year to perform. The performances include multi religious and multilingual variety items.

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