Medical Amenities

Inmates regain their physical and mental health through proper care and protection given to them. The institution maintains a clinic, an infirmary and pharmacy with all necessary medications. We do have fully trained nursing staff for service. Regular medical checkup and medical camps (Ayurveda as well as Homoeopathy) are conducted every month by various institutions and departments.

Most of our inmates are highly chronic in nature. Here we have a well established inter disciplinary team with doctors, psychiatric social workers, experienced nursing staff and other voluntary staff. Medical camps are conducted every month from Indian System of Medicine (District Ayurveda office, Kollam), Public health centre (Vilakudy panchayat) and Homeopathy (Homeo dispensary, Vilakudy panchayat). Moreover on every Saturday our patients are taken to Trivandrum mental health centre for psychiatric treatments.

Psychiatric Counseling

We are availing the services of trained psychiatric Social workers to give psychotherapies to the patients to come out of depression and enable them to accept their present situation as an unavoidable reality and lead a successful normal life. Different Psychotherapies include behavior therapy, Cognitive therapy, supportive therapy, group therapy, interpersonal therapy etc. Prayer therapy is another method used to calm their nerves. They find peace and joy through prayer and practice of silence.

Major Objectives

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